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This account consisted in building a global communication strategy by the strategy and creative teams at NomonDesign, targeting both the retail and the professional channels of MyDrap, a trademark of TEXIA Group. Thanks to our teamwork, we achieved significant changes in the design of the products and improved both the brand perception and the brand notoriety.

TEXIA Group –a century-old textile corporation founded in 1917 in Barcelona, as a leading company in the textile finishing sector– has MY DRAP as one of its main brands. TEXIA has come up with a unique technology, allowing to market their products worldwide under the brands of MY DRAP, DAYDRAP and ROLLDRAP. MY DRAP is a singular and innovative brand in the design and manufacture of tablecloths and napkins, in 100% cotton and linen, washable, seamless and presented in pre-cut rolls.

The main objective of our collaboration was to redirect the concept and design of innovative MYDRAP products towards a new branding strategy and, therefore, position it as a national and international reference, capable of providing solutions both in the hospitality and catering channel and the retail channel.

The first phase of the project consisted in repositioning MY DRAP. We carried out a thorough internal and external analysis of the brand. The conclusions of this analysis jumpstarted the new brand strategy, aimed to redefine its brand characteristics (100% fabric, natural materials, experience, quality and personality) and its communication style. We categorised and arranged the product portfolio, according to its concepts and audiences, conceptualised and designed the new range of products, defined a new colour palette and developed its new creative concept: details that make a difference.

During the second phase of the project, we redesigned the corporate image while maintaining its essence, but increasing its presence with a stronger logo. In addition, we applied the new strategy and brand image in new communication materials: products and collections, brochures, trade fair business stands as well as in its digital communication (e-commerce websites and social networks), both for the retail and for the professional channels.

MY DRAP’s branding strategy responds to the needs of its two main audiences: final and professional consumers. We promoted cross-selling of linen collections, working on concept and design of new prints and defining fresh basic colors. The success of the company’s latest e-commerce websites is also worth highlighting. These are now operating for both the final consumer and the professional sector. We approached these projects using our knowledge and experience in retail and we conceptualised, designed and carried out the art direction. As a result of our work –in approximately one year of the web’s operation– there has been a 75% increase of the average value of online orders while revenues have increased by over 500%.