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Hi, I’m Tanya, a passionate Design Director currently based in New York.

I strive to create captivating and impactful experiences through my work. With a strong foundation in strategic thinking and a keen eye for detail, I approach each project with the goal of crafting appealing designs that resonate with their audiences.

When it comes to my leadership approach, I believe that exceptional projects go beyond aesthetics and are founded by leading teams empathetically.

One of the aspects I find most rewarding in my profession is the opportunity to mentor and guide younger creatives. 

As an advocate for women representation and equality, I am dedicated to breaking down barriers and championing inclusivity in the design industry. I firmly believe that diversity enhances creativity and leads to more meaningful and innovative solutions.

Outside of my professional practice, I have an undeniable love for croissants. You can find me trying to improve my recipe and technique for the perfect flaky and buttery layers, or simply just indulging in them.

Thank you for visiting my portfolio. If you have any questions or collaboration opportunities, please don't hesitate to reach out.

Spanish / English / Portuguese / Catalan